EAZY2HD Flying Disc,Frisbee,Disc Toss Game, Outdoor Game Set - Lawn,Backyard,Park,Beach or Camping Games - for Children, Teens, Adults and Yard Game Family Fun Sport

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EAZY2HD outdoor games for family,friends where everyone can join in, are just a wonderful time for all...you can play with 4 or more people or just 1 person at each end..any combination will do.It is a team game that requires skill, patience, but minimal physical activity.
This alos called beersbee game which combines everything you need for the perfect backyard game. When you have a competitive group of backyard gamers playing you will see why most college students call Beersbee the Greatest Outdoor Game Ever! I think I would challenge this, but I do think it's a very fun game of frisbee!

How to Play Beersbee
Beersbee is one of the easiest Frisbee games to learn, but hard to master. Find a field, backyard, or good spot at a campground to get started. Beersbee is meant to be played 2-on-2, but we like to modify the rules to be 3-on-3 or heck even 1-on-1. Teams sit on opposite ends of the field approx. 20-30 feet apart.Teams take turns alternating between throwing a Frisbee across the field at the target. The targets are a pole with a bottle, can, or ball on top. You get your points by knocking your competitors can to the ground. Play continues until one team has reach 21 points and beats their opponent by at least 2 points. The flying disc must be caught with every toss and the bottle / object must be caught if hit. 1 point is awarded the the tossing team for hitting pole. 1 point is awarded to the tossing team if the bottle / item is not caught when toppled. 1 point is awarded to the tossing team if the flying disc is not caught.

Just to keep it interesting! When teams cross you must high five! It is a real spectator sport that gets a lot of attention.


?? PLAY EVERWHERE: Unlike others,the TOSS flying disc set can be played on multiple surfaces.Play in your backyard or at the beach.Take it to the park, camping, sports centers, parties, picnics, carnivals etc.This game will forever change your house party or camping trip activities! ?? FUN FOR ALL AGES: Hours of fun for teenagers, children and adults. The height of the poles is adjustable to suit children or adults. Children can develop their hand-eye coordination skills while enjoying the toss frisbee game, having fun all while being active. It's really an enjoyable activity for the whole family. Great for team building. ??Quick to install: It is easy to set up and take apart.It comes with a mesh bag with a strap that everything fits into perfectly which makes it very easy to take with you without losing parts. The piping has a good base to help with stability. The frisbee are sturdy plastic.Target / bottle not included. ?? PERFECT GIFT IDEA: Makes the perfect Christmas, birthday or holiday gift. ??OUR GUARANTEE TO YOU:, customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. All EAZY2HD products come with a 1 year warranty.We offer unconditional exchange/return/refund services